Our son was approaching 3 years old, and only said a very few words, when we started Renee’s Hanen course. He was unable to communicate and expressed his frustration in angry tantrums that also involved hitting, kicking and throwing himself around. We were on long waiting lists for a few speech therapists, and one of those speech therapists had kindly recommended checking out Renee’s course in the meantime.
Participating in the course is one of the best things we have ever done. We saw a positive difference in our son’s communication after only two days, simply by implementing the first and most basic elements that Renee shared. She is a wonderful coach, giving clear advice with examples, which she repeats as needed with great patience, together with enormous empathy and understanding. She never gives the impression that she is too busy to listen, and is skilled at making you feel heard, taken seriously, and important to her. She has a lot of complementary knowledge which she can bring into conversations, alongside reinforcing the core Hanen principles.
Now, at the end of the course, our son is able to put four words together. He can communicate quite well, and we can (usually) understand what he is trying to say. He still gets angry, but it is much less often and for shorter periods, and we have all, including him and his sister, learnt how we can more effectively deal with that. He is happier and more confident, and that has positively impacted our whole family. It is wonderful to see him laughing more often, and generally enjoying life much more. We still have work to do, but we feel that this Hanen course with Renee has set us perfectly on the right course, and has given us a lot of confidence that we are doing the right things to help our son. Thank you, Renee!